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-- DavideTalesco - 17 Feb 2005

General information

multipart pages, SOAP, XML-RPC, PDF, Database connector and in-page editing enhanced full-text searches experimental support for Oracle 10 and a configurable (Word) HTML cleaner and much more.Ariadne is a multi-language Web Application Server and Content Management System built with PHP.Support for Legacy (SQL) databases, better object support in PINP templates and a better.It has a rich user interface which includes wizards, pulldown menus, and a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Data is stored in a structured object store and can be accessed via filesystem-like calls (ls, find, get).


  1. Description
    1. Product name
    2. Company name
    3. Company website
    4. Product web page
    5. Release
  2. Technology
    1. Licensing
    2. |O/S & Database MySQL?, PostgreSQL?, and MSSQL.
    3. Web server
    4. Application framework
    5. Languages
    6. Integraqtion
    7. Partnership
    8. Client
    9. Standards
    10. APIs
  3. Marketing
    1. Price
    2. License (per user, per CPU ecc.)
  4. Support
    1. Online help
    2. Tutorials
    3. Community
AriadneCMS?.it was born to satisfy this needing, to give Italian users the chance to read, discuss and build a community around content and communication management. Here you will find (in Italian language) articles, translations, free web space for your own site, services. Moreover you will be able to download software, updates, patches and give your feedback. Join the community today!

Production phase

  1. Acquisition
  2. Aggregation
  3. Authoring
configurable WYSIWYG editor.

Management phase

  1. Administration & configuration
    1. Front-end user interfaces
userfriendly user interface,scriptable workflow support
  1. Workflow?
    1. Roles and rights management
  2. Collaborative environment?
    1. Versioning
    2. Check-in/check-out(This protection removes any anomalies arising from allowing simultaneous multiple users.)
  3. Security Environnment?
support for external user management using LDAP, Active Directory or Novell NDS
  1. Repository management
    1. Localization
the ability to import a single language from an export file.
    1. Storage
    2. Back-up
    3. Security
    4. Metadata management for index & searching
  1. Development management
    1. Programmability

Delivery phase

  1. Personalization process(Back-end user management)
  2. Staging & page-creation process
  3. Publishing process

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