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-- DavideTalesco - 26 Oct 2004

Elenco CMS

Content Management Frameworks

  • Apache Cocoon
  • Apache Mason
  • AxKit?
  • eZ publish an open source CMF written in PHP
  • Jakarta Slide
  • Krysalis Foundation
  • Midgard (also in a "Lite" edition)
  • OpenACS?
  • Slither
  • Tea Trove
  • Xaraya
  • Zope and the CMF

Content Management Systems

  • Absolut Engine (PHP and MySQL?)
  • Aegir (previously Aegir CMS)
  • Apache Lenya
  • Ariadne
  • Bitflux CMS
  • Bricolage
  • Callisto
  • Campsite
  • CityDesk a Windows client CMS
  • CMSformE
  • CocoBlog?
  • Cofax
  • Contenido open source CMS
  • DBPrism CMS
  • Drupal the software used to power Debian Planet and Kernel Trap
  • e107
  • eGroupWare
  • Envolution
  • eZ publish open source CMS (PHP and MySQL?)
  • Geeklog
  • Hyperwave open source CMS
  • Jahia CMS and Portal Server
  • Jetbox CMS Jetbox CMS is based on Linux, Apache, MySQL? & PHP
  • Komplete Lite
  • Kontentor
  • LifeCMS?
  • Lucid Cms Open Source CMS trying to be transparent, simple and powerful.
  • MamboServer Open Source CMS that is centered towards a flexible interface layout and component management. It has won the LinuxUser? & Developer Award 2004 for'Best Linux or Open Source Software'. Mambo cmpeted against open source luminaries such as KDE, Firebird SQL, and eGroupware.
  • MMBase
  • MySource Open source CMS core with commercial add-on modules
  • Nucleus CMS Open source
  • Nuxeo CPS CMS based on Zope
  • OmegaCMS?
  • OpenCMS Open Source CMS based on Java
  • PHP-Nuke
  • PHP-Nuke VKP A clone of PHP-Nuke 5.5
  • PhpWCMS A PHP & MYSQL based CMS Project Website
  • phpWebSite
  • phpSlash
  • phpCMS A free CMS written in PHP that uses flat files.
  • Plone A CMS written using Python and the Zope Content Management Framework.
  • Postnuke
  • Prodo
  • Red Hat CCM
  • Scoop
  • Silva CMS
  • Sitellite
  • TikiWiki?
  • TWiki: open source wiki geared towards corporate intranets, features include attachements, revision control, plugin API, internationalization (inc. kanji), authorization per page, section, & site and by user & group
  • O'Wiki
  • Typo3: Free Open Source CMS system for enterprise purposes.
  • webEditor
  • WebGUI: An Open Source CMS and application programming_framework
  • Whisper: Free, simple, beautiful.
  • XOOPS : Open Source CMS


  • Day Communiqué Providing content management, portal management and digital asset management in one powerful solution. Day is the leading the JSR 170: Content Repository for JavaTM? technology API.
  • Design for Life CMS Content Management Fast and easy to use Content Management ystem for websites of all sizes. Designed for non-technical users with support for streaming media.
  • Documentum is probably the largest and most complex enterprise content management ystem available, but also the most powerful and flexible. The core product offering is the eContent Server or docbase.
  • FileNet FileNet? offers products for Content Management, Business Process Management, Records Management, Web Content Management, and orms Management.
  • FLUiD CMS 4.5 Easy-to-Use, Host-Anywhere, XML/XSL-based, integration Distributed Authoring, Desktop Application - WCM.
  • Immediacy
  • Interwoven
  • Livelink
  • Managee
  • Microsoft Content Management Server and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server?
  • Movable Type
  • liveSTORYBOARD CMS : secure hosted CMS.
  • PHLUENT Phluent is an ASP Content Management Platform.
  • Polopoly
  • RedDot
  • Roxen
  • Simplicis Is an inexpensive web content management system from Valira that supports multi-lingual content.
  • Stellent The core product offering is the Stellent Content Server.
  • SWAA Powerful and easy to use Web Content Management System from Interchile.
  • Tacklebox
  • Tridion Tridion R5.1 Content Management Suite.
  • Varius CMS and development framework developed by XKO
  • Vignette large and expensive CMS
  • WebEngine CMS A web-based CMS by Winsome Benelux completely written in Java.
  • Xitex WebContent

Major Enterprise Content Management Platforms Overview

  • (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Vignette: Vignette Content Management 7.3
  • Documentum: Documentum 5 Web Publisher
  • Interwoven: TeamSite? 6.5
  • FileNet?: P8 WCM
  • Stellent: Content Management 7.2

Upper Tier Companies Overview

  • FatWire?: Content Server 6.1
  • Tridion: R/5 V5.1
  • Percussion: Rythmyx 5.5
  • Day: Communiqué 3.5.4
  • Microsoft: Content Management Server 2002
  • OpenText? Livelink Web Content Management SErver
  • MediaSurface? 5.0
  • IBM: Workplace Web Content Management 2.1

Delivery-Oriented Application Servers / Portals Overview

  • ATG: Dynamo e-Business Platform
  • BEA: WebLogic? E-Business Platform
  • Plumtree Portal

Departmental / Mid-market Packages Overview

  • PaperThin?: CommonSpot? ContentServer? 4.0
  • Serena: Collage 4.5
  • Ingeniux: Content Management System 4.0
  • RedDot?: Content Management Server 6.0
  • Roxen: Roxen CMS 4.0
  • Refresh Software: SiteRefresh? 5.0
  • SiteCore? A/S: SiteCore? CMS 4.3
  • Ektron: CMS 300/400 V 4.7

Low-Priced Products Overview

  • GlobalScape?: PureCMS? 2.0 / 3.0

Open-Source Alternatives Overview

  • Midgard: Midgard CMS
  • Zope: Content Management Framework (CMF)

Hosted ("ASP") Services Overview

  • Atomz: Publish
  • CrownPeak?: Advantage
  • Clickability: cmPublish

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