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RDFTM.ConCall20041203r1.3 - 04 Dec 2004 - 16:01 - FabioVitalitopic end

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Action points:

  • FV: modify DraftSurvey to make Correctness a separate section entitled Issues FV: DONE! 2004-12-04
  • SP: create RDF test cases and flesh out (new) chapter 4 (Test Cases)
  • SP: add N3 examples for test cases in Garshol section in order to evaluate readability of N3 contra RDF/XML
  • SP: write to Moore/Nikita/Stanford for test case solutions
  • SP: ask Nikita for full paper and/or software
  • VP/FV: create test case solutions for Unibo proposal
  • ALL: debugging of material already written
  • NG: flesh out chapter 2

Other decisions:

  • No introduction to RDF or TMs; include pointers instead
  • Conclusion will take the evaluation criteria (Direction, Reversibility, Readability, Completeness and Correctness) as its starting point and point out the strengths and weaknesses of the various existing approaches. It may sketch a taxonomy of translation approaches. And it will probably contain suggestions as to how the major Issues (described in the new chapter 3) might be handled.
  • The notion of "correctness" is defined in terms of the information set contained in the source and result documents. A translation is 100% correct if and only if the source and result contain exactly the same information set.


  • 2004-12-05 Complete set of test cases (SP)
  • 2004-12-05 Restructured document + Moore section complete (FV)
  • 2004-12-08 Chapter 2 complete (NG)
  • 2004-12-09 Email exchange of comments on draft so far
  • 2004-12-10 TELECON @ 15:30

-- FabioVitali - 03 Dec 2004
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