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RDFTM.ConCall20050314r1.9 - 25 Mar 2005 - 14:19 - ValentinaPresuttitopic end

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Minutes of 2005-03-14 meeting


Action points:

  • FV/NG: check responses to comments
  • SP: post responses on mailing list
  • SP: remove mention of who references what; make general point about progression instead (DONE)
  • SP: update the Garshol test cases (DONE)
  • VP: update the Unibo test cases (DONE)
  • NG: update the other test cases (DONE)
  • SP: review NG's updates (DONE)
  • LMG: tighten descriptions (DONE)
  • SP: merge 2.2 and 4.3 (DONE)
  • SP: change 3.x.2 to "Summary" and remove bullet points (DONE)
  • SP: change "Fidelity" to "Naturalness" (DONE)
  • FV/VP: expand conclusion (DONE)
  • SP: send home address to VP (DONE)

Other decisions

  • SP to submit modified version of draft as paper to XTech with all names on it
  • FV to write paper based on test cases with all names on it
  • SP to submit paper for Extreme on RDF/TM interoperability based on extended Chapter 4
  • Unibo and Ontopia each to propose an outline structure for the Guidelines, to be discussed at the next telecon

Other notes from VP:

  • 2.1: The sentence "A complete translation will by definition be reversible" could still be misinterpreted.
    • SP: Not sure about this. Let's put out the new draft and see if anyone does misunderstand.

  • 3.6: We should replace some phrases in order to make them less colloquial as Natasha suggested (we accepted this comment from her).
    • SP comment: I prefer a less academic style. I want this to be readable smile


  • 2005-03-16 All content delivered to SP by 12.00 (FV, VP, NG, LMG) (DONE)
  • 2005-03-17 SP submits new draft to WG (DONE)
  • 2005-03-24 SWBPD telecon 18.00 UTC (19.00 CET)
  • 2005-xx-xx TELECON @ 00:00

-- StevePepper - 14 Mar 2005
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