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Minutes of 2005-02-27 meeting


  1. Finalize requirements. See section 2 of [1]. There appear to be no new requirements over and above those already discussed.
  2. Discuss use cases and test cases - proposals from VP and NG (see minutes of previous meeting)
  3. Consider Lars Marius' proposal for a 2-layered approach? Is this a design issue or an implementation issue? If the essence of it is to enable event-based processing (e.g. statement-by-statement in RDF2TM), is this actually feasible without renouncing the use of complex objects in RDF?
  4. Agree basic structure of Guidelines See Steve's detailed proposal [1] and similar proposal from Unibo [2] Discuss how to create document. Same approach as last time (Steve drafts text, others comment and criticize)? What is the alternative and how do we ensure consistency?
  5. Consider Steve's proposal for structuring Chapter 5 in [1] (Translation Rules). Is the approach viable? What are the alternatives?
  6. Timeline for 2nd deliverable.




  • Garshol, Gessa, Pepper, Presutti, Vitali

Action points:

  • Unibo: Propose a "formalism" for specifying the mapping as an alternative to section 5.2 in
  • SP: Post requirements (including LMG's new ones) to SWBPD mailing list and invite discussion (DONE)
  • FV: Reply to LMG's point about whether RDF/RDFS/OWL semantics need to be implemented.
  • FV: Reply to LMG's second MUST requirement (guided translations must never produce erroneous results unless the guidance is erroneous).
  • FV: Reply to LMG's 2nd SHOULD (about open-ended unguided translations)
  • SP: Comment on VP's use cases
  • SP/NG: Think up good example of reified occurrence
  • NG: Add more test cases, including reified association between Tosca and Rome
  • SP: Check possibility of spending two days in Bologna May 12-13 (DONE)

Other decisions:

  • All further discussion of requirements should take place on the mailing list.
  • The order of the requirements is not significant at present. If conflicts occur, it will be necessary to determine order of priorities.
  • Add LMG's 1st SHOULD requirement, but replace "algorithm" with "mapping"


  • 2005-08-01 First editor's draft published
  • 2005-05-06 TELECON @ 15:00

-- StevePepper - 27 Apr 2005
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