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Minutes of 2005-05-06 meeting


  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Formalism for specifying mapping


  • Garshol, Gessa, Pepper, Presutti, Vitali

Action points:

  • Unibo: Discuss on how many people will come
  • SP: See about financing for Unibo (DONE. This will unfortunately not be possible.)
  • Unibo: Propose a "formalism" for specifying the mapping as an alternative to section 5.2 in
    • SP: Send LMG's paper about quads as possible formalism for mapping (DONE)
  • FV: Reply to LMG's point about whether RDF/RDFS/OWL semantics need to be implemented. (done late, but DONE)
  • FV: Reply to LMG's second MUST requirement (guided translations must never produce erroneous results unless the guidance is erroneous).(done late, but DONE)
  • FV: Reply to LMG's 2nd SHOULD (about open-ended unguided translations) (done late, but DONE)
  • SP: Comment on VP's use cases
  • SP/NG: Think up good example of reified occurrence
  • NG: Check whether to add more test cases

Other decisions:

  • UniBo: Coming on Sat 4th at 21:15 and leaving on Thursday at 10:40.

Next ConCall:

  • Thursday May 19th @ 11:00

-- FabioVitali - 06 May 2005
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