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Minutes of 2005-05-19 meeting


  • Action points from last meeting
  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Nikita's posting
  • Steve Newcomb's Versavant
  • Formalism for specifying mapping


  • Garshol, Gessa, Pepper, Presutti, Vitali

Action points:

  • Unibo: Confirm how many people will come to Oslo. Probable dates: June 2-3.
  • ALL: Prepare F2F agenda by email
  • ALL: Comment on VP's use cases
  • VP: Add new use cases before coming to Oslo
  • SP/NG: Think up good example of reified occurrence
  • SP: Check NG's examples in test case document
  • VP: Reply to Nikita
  • LMG & VP/NG: Write brief, independent evaluations of relevance of Versavant to RDFTM work
  • Unibo: Prepare examples of mapping formalism based on ODM
  • LMG: Prepare examples of mapping formalism based on Q

Other decisions:

  • Requirement: The translation process must not involve any RDFS/OWL/TMCL reasoning.
  • Remove req about not producing erroneous results
  • New wording for req: "The translation mapping should be simple and clean."
  • New wording for reg: "The result of unguided translations should be open to improvements provided by locally-implemented heuristics and application logic."

Next ConCall:

  • ???

-- StevePepper - 19 May 2005
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