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Minutes of 2005-09-26 meeting


  • Garshol, Gessa, Presutti, Vitali


  • Last week action points:
    • Valentina: "try" to fill the sections on issues that have been decided


  • Define a first draft by 4 Nov
  • Both us and Natasha Noy will require some vocabulary to provide guidance on n-ary relationships. It is mandatory that this vocabulary is the same. We should make sure that this happens.

Action points:

  • Fabio, Nicola: write at least one comment on each of the new wiki pages
  • Lars: add some comments about HandlingNames
  • Valentina: write to Natasha Noy asking collaboration about the use of vocabulary in N-ary relationships
  • All: discuss about HandlingIdentity and HandlingNames before the next Concall
  • Lars: decide on coming to Bologna and in case fix dates. Possible candidates: 19-21 or 24-26 october

Next ConCall:

  • Tuesday, 2005-10-11, at 15:00

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