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Minutes of 2005-10-25 meeting


  • Names (review)
  • Occurrences (review)
  • Next issues
  • swbpd review of current proposal for f2f
  • volunteers for filling some unproblematic sections


  • Garshol, Gessa, Presutti, Vitali

Action points:

  • VP: Make text clearer about Names and add RDF2TM variants
  • VP: Will try to query WG about the problems of handling with OWL issues in RDF2TM things in the f2f in Galway.
  • VP: Make explicit how to do guidance on internal occurrences. Use just one property class. No OWL compliance required at the moment (not our business). Also make rules clearer (FV: Always a good thing)
  • LMG: Ask Steve if he can join us in the writing of unproblematic sections.
    • Steve writes: I'm happy to do wordsmithing once you feel you've arrived at a consensus. The best thing is if someone else does an initial draft of each section and tells me know as each one is finished.
  • VP: N-ary relationships: add a small note saying we are waiting for input from Welty.
  • LMG: First cut to type instances and superclass/subclass
  • VP: Swap sections 3.2 and 3.3
  • LMG: ask Steve about what he meant by "Statements" (Sect. 3.5.1). Ask him to write something in sects. 3.2 (will become 3.3), 3.1, and 3.5.1 (if it is an introduction)
    • Steve writes: 3.5.1 Statements was intended to describe what happens to RDF statements when going RDF2TM. The rest of 3.5 is about going TM2RDF.
  • VP: Post minutes on the list
  • VP: Post the URL of the current version of the document on the list.

Other decisions:

  • Occurrences:
    • LMG objects to the External bit in ExternalOccurrenceProperty. Valentina resorts to problems in OWL. Decision: it's not our scope to handle OWL issues.

  • Next issues:
    • Type instance
    • Superclass and subclass
    • Leave Language tags for later
    • Try to fill document up to 3.5

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