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Agenda of 2006-05-15 meeting

The main point on the agenda will thus be the mapping definition that Lars Marius sent out last week (see attachment). We need to decide how to proceed from this point:

  • Do we still think that the precondition/postcondition approach will work? If so, what feedback do we have for Lars Marius on his work so far, what is the next step, and what can we expect to deliver to the SWBPD by the end of the month?
    • We stay with the current approach, but improve it.
    • Notation should go more in direction of set-theoretical approaches with universal and existential quantifiers.
    • 3.8 Reification, needs to be reworked. Cannot use RDF reification.
    • WRT 3.6.1, Binary Associations, we still have to discuss role types.
    • 3.6.2 Start from the association item, and 3.6.3 follow the same rule.
    • 3.10 Also state object roles.
  • If not, what is the alternative? A more "quasi-algorithmic" approach, as originally proposed by Lars Marius and rejected by Fabio? Or a document that has no formalism at all, just a cleaned-up prose version based on the current draft?
  • Do we want to complete this work? It cannot be done as part of the SWBPD, because that will shortly close down. Eric Miller has suggested an Incubator Activity as the most appropriate forum (see Such a group must be initiated by a W3C member but can be open to non-members. In addition, it is up to the initiators to decide membership policy (i.e., we can restrict it to whoever we want).
    • This is the only option to go on with this work after the end of the SWBP working group. So we have decided that, for lack of reasonable alternatives, we carry the motion to go as Incubator Activity. In Edinburgh Valentina and Steve will try to see if there is new blood that can be fastly and willingly be brought in the group and contribute. Otherwise the group will still be composed of ourselves. Charter it for less than a year (possibly 6/8 months), and maybe write two documents, one is the specification and the other is a tutorial or something like that.
  • We might also want to briefly discuss submissions to TMRA'06.

Action points:

  • LMG: Produce new draft before May 19 if possible, if not before June 9.


  • Time of next concall to be decided by email.

-- FabioVitali - 24 Apr 2006
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