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Using the Q model for the RDFTM guidelines

The RDFTM guidelines will need to include a section which describes mapping of RDF data to Topic Maps, and vice versa. This section will necessarily make up the most important content in the guidelines. The question is, how is the mapping best described? What formalism, if any, should we use?

The most obvious choices to describe the mapping are:

  • No formalism. Just use prose to describe the mapping. All proposals reviewed in the survey take this approach.

  • Use the Q model. This would give an approach pretty much as described in the Q paper

  • Find some other formalism. At the moment there are no obvious alternatives.

So, what do we prefer?

-- LarsMarius - 14 Sep 2005

Two main issues to start on the discussion.

  • Patel-Shneider had some objections in general about Q. We need to be sure to answer satisfactorily to these objections before we can consider Q as a valid candidate. Satisfactorily means two different and important things:
    1. Patel-Shneider is wrong in his opinions about Q and
    2. We can satisfactorly convince everybody else that he is wrong. This item does not necessarily follow from item 1.
  • It is not true that there were no obvious alternatives to Q. Valentina came out with a different formalism that had the advantage of being known and discussed in literature in the past. I am not ready to abandon this formalism. What was it, Valentina?

The possible alternative we discussed in Oslo is the "Ontology definition Metamodel" !(ODM). The latest version of the ODM specification is available at I didn't abandon it, but I'm not sure about its usability. I propose to take it into account and ask the WG for opinion in the same post I'm going to ask about teir position on the Q model. Anyway I need to study deeper the way to use ODM for our purpose. I also propose to move this discussion on the list once I've done the post (possibly tomorrow) smile
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