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Fabio's Wiki's RDFTM web The RDFTM web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] TWiki Administrator [] Fabio's Wiki TWiki.RDFTM The University of Bologna.RDFTM WebStatistics Jan 2005 2079 52 0 386 265 WebHome 200 117 WebRss 70 70 SurveyOfExistingProposals 55 53 WebPreferences 52 49 ConCall20041203 49 WebChanges 36 Main.StevePepper 13 ... (last changed by guest) 2012-09-11T20:05Z guest 1.45 updated major DraftSurvey RDFTM: Survey of Interoperability Proposals RDFTM: Survey of Interoperability Proposals W3C Working Draft 23 February 2005 This version: http://tesi.fabio.web.cs ... (last changed by AngeloDiIorio) 2009-01-29T10:05Z AngeloDiIorio 1.54 updated major ConCall20060515 Agenda of 2006-05-15 meeting The main point on the agenda will thus be the mapping definition that Lars Marius sent out last week (see attachment). We need to decide ... (last changed by LarsMarius) 2006-05-15T12:10Z LarsMarius 1.3 updated major ConCall20060424 Minutes of 2006-04-24 meeting Minutes Mails with comments from FV, Fabien Gandon and LMG. LMG felt more fundamental, the others less so. LMG's mail (April 24th 2006 ... (last changed by FabioVitali) 2006-04-24T13:39Z FabioVitali 1.1 updated major MinutesOfConferenceCalls Minutes of Conference Calls ConCall20041203 ConCall20041214 ConCall20050125 ConCall20050218 ConCall20050223 ConCall20050314 ConCall20050401 ConCall20050427 ConCall20050506 ... (last changed by FabioVitali) 2006-04-24T13:21Z FabioVitali 1.21 updated major ConCall20060307 Agenda and Minutes of 2006-03-07 meeting TIME: 15:00 UTC+01.00 (Western European time) DOCUMENTS: Draft Guidelines (Feb 10 2006) AGENDA: 1. Review action points from ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-03-07T15:41Z StevePepper 1.1 updated major ConCall20060221 Agenda and Minutes of 2006-02-21 meeting TIME: 11:30 UTC+01.00 (Western European time) DOCUMENTS: Draft Guidelines (Feb 10 2006) AGENDA: 1. Review action points from ... (last changed by ValentinaPresutti) 2006-03-06T00:06Z ValentinaPresutti 1.6 updated major ConCall20050401 Minutes of 2005-04-01 meeting Agenda Planning the Guidelines Discuss about requirements first and then TOCs Tutorial on RDF and TM: let's do it, but short: 1/2 page ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:43Z StevePepper 1.9 updated major ConCall20050427 Minutes of 2005-02-27 meeting Agenda: 1. Finalize requirements. See section 2 of 1 . There appear to be no new requirements over and above those already discussed ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:42Z StevePepper 1.5 updated major ConCall20050506 Minutes of 2005-05-06 meeting Agenda: Face-to-face meeting Formalism for specifying mapping Present: Garshol, Gessa, Pepper, Presutti, Vitali Action points: Unibo ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:41Z StevePepper 1.6 updated major ConCall20050519 Minutes of 2005-05-19 meeting Agenda: Action points from last meeting Face-to-face meeting Nikita's posting Steve Newcomb's Versavant Formalism for specifying mapping ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:41Z StevePepper 1.7 updated major ConCall20050914 Minutes of 2005-09-14 meeting Present: Garshol, Gessa, Presutti, Vitali Agenda: Who is to become new TF leader while Steve is off? Valentina is new leader Valentina ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:39Z StevePepper 1.8 updated major ConCall20050926 Minutes of 2005-09-26 meeting Present: Garshol, Gessa, Presutti, Vitali Agenda Last week action points: Valentina: "try" to fill the sections on issues that have ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:38Z StevePepper 1.12 updated major ConCall20051011 Minutes of 2005-11-10 meeting Present: Garshol, Gessa, Presutti, Vitali Action points: Valentina: investigate on rdfs:label write proposal about occurrences fix names ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:38Z StevePepper 1.2 updated major ConCall20060127 Minutes of 2006-01-27 meeting Documents: Draft of the formalization: In this document you find a draft of the formalization in first order logic for: RDF, TM, and ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:37Z StevePepper 1.3 updated major ConCall20051025 Minutes of 2005-10-25 meeting Agenda: Names (review) Occurrences (review) Next issues swbpd review of current proposal for f2f volunteers for filling some unproblematic ... (last changed by StevePepper) 2006-02-16T11:36Z StevePepper 1.9 updated major
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