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TWiki is a Web-based collaboration platform

  • A TWiki site is an easy-to-use, full-featured open communications environment:
    • people anywhere on the Web or on an intranet can meet
    • rich Web text, images, and online multimedia are easily shared
    • documents and other files can be uploaded and downloaded
    • all you need is a Web browser and any available network connection

TWiki is an UNUSUAL Web-based collaboration platform

  • There's no doubt that, to most people, TWiki at first seems almost the opposite of how the Web and online communications "normally" work. Why?
    • TWiki operates like a whiteboard for the Web - it lets you and all other users write, place pictures and post links, anywhere on any page.
    • Not only that, everyone can EDIT anything, anywhere on a page.
    • At first, this may seem "too" open - it soon becomes second-nature, allowing you the freedom to edit and update the way you want to.

TWiki is a powerful Web enhancement...

  • TWiki's parsing engine is written in Perl. It reads a text file, and converts TWiki shorthand into standard HTML, on the fly. The point is to:
    • make adding and editing text simple (How simple? Click on the Edit link at the bottom of the page...)
    • let you find information fast (WebSearch)

  • TWiki provides an intuitive way for people to meet and collaborate, that aspires to the Zen ideals known as WabiSabi. It finds beauty in the imperfect and ephemeral and constantly evolving. (When it comes down to it, that's all you need.)

"TWiki" stands for...

  • Wiki wiki means "quick" in Hawaiian. The shuttle at Honolulu Airport is called the wiki wiki bus, which is where the original Wiki web got its name.
  • TWiki is short for TakeFive Wiki, the name of the company where its founder worked. (It was later discovered that Twiki is also the name of an AI robot that co-starred in the Buck Rogers... movie and TV series from 1979 - see TWiki in the logo.)

Selected TWiki Topics...

ALERT! If you have to log-in to use TWiki, for example, if Twiki is running on an intranet, it automatically signs pages you edit and create with your WikiName. If your TWiki installation doesn't require a log-in, TWiki gives everyone the same username: TWikiGuest.

TWikiTM is a trademark of PeterThoeny - originator and lead developer.

  • TWiki is developed as Free Software under the GNU/GPL
  • TWiki has its root in the GPLed JosWiki. Many thanks to Markus Peter and Dave Harris for creating JosWiki!
  • TWiki's home address is
  • Source code is available upon request: see
  • WelcomeGuest is a fast track guide to TWiki.
  • This site is powered by TWiki version 04 Sep 2004 $Rev: 1742 $.

-- TWiki:Main.MikeMannix - 12 May 2002
-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 16 Dec 2003

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