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Web Changes Notification Service

Each TWiki web has an automatic email notification service that sends you an email with links to all of the topics modified since the last alert.


You can subscribe and unsubscribe yourself in WebNotify on each web. Please keep the list in alphabetical order so that names can be found easily.

Format: TWiki handles entries in bullet list (<space><space><space>*) format containing the WikiName of a user; a WikiName with e-mail address; or a TWikiGroup. Examples:

  • Main.FredBloggs
  • Main.FredBloggs -
  • Main.EngineeringGroup

The first entry is the default form, the notification gets sent to the e-mail address specified in the user's home page. The second entry lists an alternative e-mail address. The third entry specifies a group, the notification gets sent to each member of the group.

E-mail Alerts

The frequency of alerts is set by the TWiki site administrator: It could be once a day, every hour, whatever works for the particular web. On, alerts are sent once a day.

See TWikiSiteTools for information on how to setup the alerts.

-- TWiki:Main.MikeMannix - 20 Nov 2001
-- PeterThoeny - 28 Aug 2004

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