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TWiki Shorthand Basics

If you can enter text, you're ready for TWiki. With a few simple, intuitive TextFormattingRules, you'll be able to use plain text to create well-styled postings, instantly. Here's a fast-track guide to shorthand basics...

  • Separate each paragraph with a blank line.

  • To display a word or phrase in bold type, put it in asterisks: *bold type*.

  • To display a word or phrase in italic, put it in underscores: _italic_.

  • To display a word or phrase in bold italic, put it in double underscores: __bold italic__.

  • To link to another Wiki topic, type the WikiWord for that topic. To link to a Wiki topic in another web, type the name of the web, and a dot, first: Sandbox.WebHome.

  • If you enter a WikiWord for a topic that doesn't exist, it'll appear highlighted, with question mark at the end, prompting you (or someone else) to start off the new topic by clicking the ? - NewTopic? (click the ?, but don't save, to preserve the example!).

  • When entering WikiName signatures - like, guest - include "Main." as a prefix, since all TWiki member pages are in the Main web: Main.YourName.

  • For an external link, type the full URL:

  • To prevent a WikiWord from becoming a link, type <nop> first, <nop>NoLinkPlease.

  • To indent with a bullet, enter [space][space][space][asterisk][space].
    • Use multiples of 3 spaces to start nested bullets.
      • That's 3-6-9-...
  1. Start items in a numbered list with [space][space][space][1][space].
  2. The "1" (or any number) will be replaced by the correct number, in order.
  3. To add a new paragraph without restarting list numbering, use the %BR% variable, like below:
    Text added (in new paragraph)
  4. and list numbering continues.

  • Always start counting spaces for bullets and such from the beginning of a new line.

  • To include an image, type its URL. You also can Attach an image to the page and display it with text
    %ATTACHURL%/yourimagefilename.jpg .

  • To display a word or phrase in MONOSPACED TYPE, put it in equal signs: =like this=.
    Use ==two== for bold: bold mono.

  • Use <verbatim> to enclose code excerpts, filenames, and other unformatted text, with the opening and closing tags on their own separate lines:
unformatted text!

  • Three (or more) consecutive hyphens expand into a horizontal rule:

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