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Opzioni di riga di comando

Specificazione della directory di output --OK

Usage: java -jar !PreValidator.jar [-v] [-nv] [-schema fileName -dtd fileName ] [-out]
[-salamislice | -ss | -gardenofeden | -goe | -venetianblinds | -vb | -russiandolls -rd]
[-no-validator-error]  [-stdout-error] [-xerces | -msxml | -validator fileName]
 [-no-force-schema] [-nodelete-temp] [file.xml] %lt;file.dpp>
-dtd fileName Save DTD to file
-schema fileName Save Schema to file

-salamislice, -ss: Salami Slice schema style
-gardenofeden, -goe: Garden Of Eden schema style
-venetianblinds, -vb: Venetian Blinds schema style
-russiandolls, -rd Russian Dolls schema style

-validator fileName Validator file name
-xerces Validate with Xerces
-msxml Validate with MSXML

-v Verbose mode

-nv Do not validate

-outputDirectory Save schema or DTD to directory
-out Print Schema or DTD to stdout

-stdout-error Error message on stdout
-no-validator-error Do not process validator error
-no-force-schema Do not specify schema
-nodelete-temp Do not delete temp file

-- FabioVitali - 02 Sep 2005
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