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Ritorna a Test EARMARK API.


Reference system

By reference system we mean the system by which names or references are associated with particular passages of a text (e.g. Ps. 23:3 for the third verse of Psalm 23 or Amores 2.10.7 for Ovid's Amores, book 2, poem 10, line 7). Such names make it possible to mark a place within a text and enable other readers to find it again. A reference system may be based on structural units (chapters, paragraphs, sentences; stanza and verse), typographic units (page and line numbers), or divisions created specifically for reference purpose (vedi TEI).

Reference systems may be recorded in TEI-encoded texts in any of the following ways:

  • where a reference system exists, and is based on the same logical structure as that of the text's markup, the reference for a passage may be recorded as the value of the global xml:id or n attribute on an appropriate tag, or may be constructed.
  • where there is no pre-existing reference system (), the global xml:id or n attributes may be used to construct one (e.g. collections and corpora created in electronic form) (Creating New Reference Systems).
  • where a reference system exists which is not based on the same logical structure as that of the text's markup (for example, one based on the page and line numbers of particular editions of the text rather than on the structural divisions of it), any of a variety of methods for encoding the logical structure representing the reference system may be employed, as described in chapter 20 Non-hierarchical Structures.
  • where a reference system exists which does not correspond to any particular logical structure, or where the logical structure concerned is of no interest to the encoder except as a means of supporting the referencing system, then references may be encoded by means of milestone elements, which simply mark points in the text at which values in the reference system change, as described below in section 3.10.3 Milestone Elements.

standoff contenuto va altrove all'interno dello stesso documento. sistema di puntamento (a posizione cui fa riferimento): puo' essere Xpointer x es, oppure milestone posizione in cui il contenuto andra' posizionato.

milestone cos'e' una milestone? E' un elemento vuoto che indica una particolare posizione all'interno del documento, o e' l'insieme di due elementi vuoti che indicano i limiti di un elemento?

fragmentation Cos'e' un elemento frammentato? Per me un elemento va frammentato quando c'e' overlap su i nodi che esso contiene: la prova e' che se indico di esprimere con fragmentation un elemento sui cui figli non c'e' overlap, allora il nodo non lo frammento.
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